Active Climate Protection : Our Special Responsibility

As a manufacturer of eco-friendly engineered wood products, we feel a special responsibility to protect the climate.

In practical terms, our corporate guidelines oblige us to conserve fossil resources and reduce CO2 emissions. We also make consistent use of environmentally sound processes for manufacturing all of our products.

Using wood, a natural raw material, and environmentally compatible binders, we produce modern wood-based materials with eco-friendly, healthy profiles. All SWISS KRONO products are manufactured using consistently eco-friendly processes and conform to the highest technical and environmental standards. Our energy management system has been certified by an independent auditing firm.

We have implemented and integrated a DIN EN ISO 50001-compliant energy efficiency programme system that reduces energy consumption by buildings, electrically powered equipment and transport. The amounts of water, energy and other resources used are systematically measured, recorded and communicated. Our energy management system also includes regular checks and assessments of the environmental situation as well as continual ecological and technical optimisation of all processes. You’ll find the certificates that have been awarded for our energy management system, products and many other aspects under Services/Downloads/Certificates.

The Basis of Our Climate Protection Programme : Carbon-Neutral Production

Manufacture of our wood-based products is virtually carbon-neutral. In fact, the CO2 emissions at our Heiligengrabe site are seven to ten times less than those at comparable plants. We utilise all raw materials as completely as possible, extending all the way to energy recovery by incineration. It is therefore no coincidence that every one of our products has an extremely small carbon footprint (the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by the overall production process).

Use of Renewable Energies : Our Biomass-Fuelled Power Plant

We obtain much of the energy required for production from scrap and recycled wood. This type of energy recovery tangibly slashes our consumption of petroleum products and natural gas. Our biomass-fuelled power plant generates 150,000 MWh of electricity a year.