Product Regulations

Despite a few unclear details, the new EU Regulation No. 305/2011 on Construction Products takes effect on 1 July 2013, taking the place of the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC). All construction products traded from 1 July 2013 must comply with the new rules. The complete text of the new regulation can be downloaded as a PDF. The new requirements also affect KRONOTEX laminate floors.

Goals of the New EU Construction Products Regulation

The older Construction Products Directive had to be enacted as national law in the EU member states. Its replacement has the legal form of a regulation and is therefore directly valid in all member countries. As a consequence, the CE marking is now applied according to uniform Europe-wide criteria and there are no longer any national differences in its interpretation and application.  

The older directive was intended to eliminate technical barriers to trade and strengthen the free movement of goods within the internal European market. The new regulation shares these intentions while closing gaps and making the rules simpler and more precise.

What is new?

A few terms have changed:

New terms under the regulation
Basic requirements for construction works
Performance of a construction product
Declaration of performance (by the manufacturer)
Assessment and verification of constancy of performance
European Assessment Document  
New: replaced by the CUAP procedure and ETAG  
Announced as Harmonised Specification
European Technical Assessment
Technical Assessment Body
Specific Technical Documentation
Old terms under the directive
Essential requirements in respect of construction works
Declared properties
Declaration of conformity (by the manufacturer)
Attestation of conformity
Previously: ETAG (approval guideline) or CUAP procedure
European Technical Approval (ETA)
Approval body

Basic Requirements for Construction Works Supplemented

The “essential requirements” have been revised and supplemented and from 1 July 2013 have binding validity as the “basic requirements for construction works”. They constitute the basis for developing harmonised technical specifications for then defining the essential requirements for specific products and applications.

Conformity Declaration Now a Declaration of Performance

The name says it all: the “declaration of performance” reveals a product’s performance in respect of its essential requirements. Which properties are essential for a given construction product is governed by the Harmonised Technical Specification. The basis for the declaration of performance is the manufacturer’s technical documentation.  

In the declaration of performance, the manufacturer must provide the following information:

  1. Reference number
  2. Unique identification code of the product type
  3. Type, batch or serial number or any other element allowing identification of the construction product
  4. Intended use or uses of the construction product in accordance with the applicable harmonised technical specification
  5. Name, registered trade name or trade mark and contact address of the manufacturer
  6. Where applicable, name and contact address of the authorised representative
  7. System or systems for assessing and verifying the constancy of performance of the construction product
  8. If the construction product is covered by a harmonised standard:
    • Description of third-party tasks
    • Reference to issued certificates of constancy of performance or conformity as established by factory production control
    • Test/calculation reports, as far as relevant
    • Test/calculation Name and identification number of notified bodyas far as relevant
  9. If a European Technical Assessment has been issued for the construction product:
    • Description of third-party tasks
    • Reference to issued certificates of constancy of performance or conformity as established by factory production control
    • Test/calculation reports, as far as relevant
    • Name and number of notified body
    • Number of European Assessment Document
    • Number of the European Technical Assessment
  10. List of essential properties for the declared purpose of use, performance of the construction product for the indicated essential properties and corresponding harmonised technical specifications
  11. Place, date of issue and name, function and signature of the individual who has issued the declaration of performance on behalf of the manufacturer

Together with the CE marking, the manufacturer certifies that the product corresponds to the essential properties and declared performance.  

KRONOTEX has prepared declarations of performance for its laminate floors in accordance with the new rules. The documents for the laminate floors are available in the download section under DoP acc. to CPR (declarations of performance under the Construction Products Regulation).

Mandatory CE Marking

The CE marking is based on the declaration of performance and is mandatory for all construction products with a declaration of performance. The manufacturer accepts responsibility for ensuring that the data in the declaration of performance actually apply to the corresponding construction product.