The New KRONOTEX Floor Studio : a Virtual Experience

After four years without changes, the virtual KRONOTEX Floor Studio has now been given a stunning facelift. Its new bright, friendly and vivid look is much more closely aligned with the KRONOTEX corporate design. All of the navigation features and menus have been redone and improved, including new dropdown menus that present the options clearly and schematically.

The many features make it easy to find the right laminate flooring by choosing a collection or wood type and then the colour. To realistically show you how different laminate floors look in actual settings, KRONOTEX has integrated various true-to-life room scenes in the Floor Studio. It’s easy to insert any laminate décor into the scenes. A special feature is the easyBo photo service, which lets you upload pictures of your own rooms to see how different decors would look in them. For instance, you can try out a laminate floor of the Mammut collection and fully experience how its natural elegance and authentic natural wood appearance would enhance your own home. Also included is practical support for estimating the quantities you will need. Simply enter a few key figures such as a room’s length and width, and the Floor Studio calculates the square metres of floor and the required number of boxes.  

A team of experts is also working on a consultancy module which will guide visitors step by step to a laminate that meets all of their wishes. There are also plans to integrate the accessories needed for professional floor installation. These include, for example, the KRONOTHERM sound acoustic board for optimally attenuating footfall noise, as well as matching skirting boards.

Floor Studio Shines Brighter Than Ever!

Try out different wood types and decors in a range of virtual settings with walls and furniture of different colours to see how they look in contact.

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