Kronotex Mega

Don’t even think of letting the small things hold you back. Instead, show what you’re made of. It is clear statements that count, so grab the bull by the horns.

With MEGA, the floor for quick, budget-friendly installation in spacious areas. It is the XXL -version of KRONOTEX floors but also shows an abundance of feeling and versatility. Traditional, highly-aesthetic patterns and hues and fascinating design ideas. In a stone or a mwediterranean tile look, MEGA is the well-shaped floor for every occasion.

Abrasion Class

AC 4

Decor Properties


The Benefits of Laminate

KRONOTEX laminate flooring predominantly consists of a renewable raw material: wood from sustainably managed forests.

Laminate flooring doesn’t contain any diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and therefore can’t cause any changes in hormone levels.

Laminate floors are ideal for children’s bedrooms, as they don’t contain any plasticisers (phthalates). The German consumer magazine Ökotest even explicitly recommends them.

At the end of the product lifecycle, laminate flooring can be unproblematically disposed of or burnt as fuel.

Mammut plus flooring is covered by an additional warranty lasting 30 years (for private use) or five years (for commercial use).

KRONOTEX uses the scrap resulting from the production of laminate flooring as fuel.

Because laminate is installed without nailing or gluing (as floating floors), no adhesive residues result.

KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring - Qualität Made in Germany

Innovative embossing processes are used to give the surfaces of modern KRONOTEX laminate floors authentic-looking wood grain and stone structures.

Kronotex Kollektion 2016 GB.pdf

T00608 Pro Laminat GB.PDF

Test method
Formaldehyde emission
< 0.05 ppm
EN 717-1
Surface stain resistance
Grade 5, no visible changes to surface
EN 438-2, 15
≥ Level 6 Blue Wool Scale 
≥ Level 4 Grey Scale
EN ISO 105-B02 
EN 20 105-A02
Resistance to cigarette embers
Grade 4, no visible changes to surface
EN 438-2, 18
Fire resistance
Ignites with difficulty, at least Cfl-s1
EN 13501-1
Height difference between connected elements
Average: ≤ 0.10 mm 
max: ≤ 0.15 mm
EN 13329
Edge straightness (bend)
≤ 0.3 mm/m
EN 13329
Openings between connected elements
Average: ≤ 0.15 mm 
max: ≤ 0.20 mm
EN 13329
Static indentation
< 0.01 mm - no visible changes, Impression in test with straight steel cylinder of 11,3 mm diameter
EN 433
Thermal conductivity (W / (m × K))
Overall heat transfer coefficient Thermal 
resistance ((m² × K) / W)

Product Range

Panels per box
m² / box
Boxes per pallet
m² / pallet


Skirting board


D 2869  D 2870  D 2963  D 3000  D 3001  D 3079  D 3187  D 3229  D 3232  D 4759

Video - Clic-System

Installation instructions „Clic System“ RoMa

Preparation for installation

Prior to laying, please store KRONOTEX flooring horizontally in its unopened packaging at room temperature for a minimum of 48 hours so that the planks have enough time to reach room temperature.The following ambient conditions should prevail previous to, during, and three days following installation:

  • Floor surface: min. 15°C
  • Air temperature: min. 18°C
  • Humidity: 50 - 75%