Laminate Flooring from KRONOTEX – Made in Germany

A floor is the starting point for every project to create a personalised interior ambience. And KRONOTEX laminate floors offer you enormous latitude.

These laminate floors are characterised by unique aesthetics and second-to-none quality. The widely ranging decors include something for every taste. Whether you prefer perfectly emulated wood grain or stone structures with an authentic look & feel, KRONOTEX has the best conceivable laminate floor for every setting and requirement. 

This overview will acquaint you with our eleven laminate collections comprising more than 300 different decors.

Strong laminate flooring with even more oak decors. These new, extra-wide planks supplement the existing extra-long and extra-sturdy panels of the MAMMUT line.
AC 5 | 10 mm

Strong laminate flooring that meets all expectations. The extra-long planks will fascinate you with their authentic natural-wood look and country estate personality. 
AC 5 / 12 mm

Extremely robust laminate flooring that’s also suitable for commercial applications. The proprietary CLIC tongue-and-groove system facilitates installation and is specially designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. 
AC 5 / 12 mm

Characterised by long, narrow planks that evoke an especially elegant look with fascinating patterns. 
AC 5 / 10 mm

Sublime, carefully selected laminate floors with a natural wood look. The extra-wide planks make it easy to inject elegance into large rooms. 
AC 4 | 8 mm

Laminate floors that are comfortable to walk on – they feel just like natural solid wood. The milled V-grooves contribute to creating a typical, attractive board look. 
AC 4 / 8 mm

Premium high-gloss decors that look like a million. These laminate floors are hardened with an electron beam and given several coats of varnish, making them extremely versatile. 
AC 4 / 8 mm

Highly aesthetic laminate flooring that generates a marvellous ambience. XXL versions permit quick, budget-friendly installation of large floors. 
AC 4 / 8 mm

These laminate floors are an excellent choice anywhere that there’s heavy footfall – without sacrificing a very high level of walking comfort. The many fresh-looking, versatile decors are striking and inspiring at the same time. 
AC 4 | 8 mm

The ideal laminate floors for implementing your ideas. They can even be easily taken up again and reused. Suitable for commercial premises with moderate foot traffic. 
AC 4 / 8 mm

Offering 200 different unicolour decors for creative laminate flooring. Use the fans for different groups to choose your favourite hue. 
AC 4 / 8 mm

SWISS KRONO Insulating Underlays for Laminate Flooring

Made of natural wood fibre. Compression-proof, elastic 
footfall insulating board for laminate and parquet flooring. 

800 x 675 x 5 mm 
1 Pack 20 boards = 10.8 m2 
1 Pallet 22 Packs

SWISS KRONO sound plus 
Made of natural wood fibre. A thinner, more compression-resistant 
footfall insulating board for laminate and readymade parquet flooring. 

800 x 675 x 2.5 mm 
1 Pack 20 boards = 10.8 m2 
1 Pallet 44 Packs 

10,000 x 675 x 
2.5 mm (Roll) 
1 Pack 1 roll 
1 Pallet 24 rolls

SWISS KRONO silverline 
Made of natural wood fibre and laminated with aluminium foil. 
Serves as a vapour barrier and protects against electrosmog. 

10,000 x 675 x 
5 mm (Roll) 
1 Pack 1 roll = 
6.75 m2 
1 Pallet 
20 rolls 
60 rolls

SWISS KRONO greenline 
Made of natural wood fibre and vegetable starch. 
For laminate, parquet and LVT flooring. 

790 x 590 x 1.8 mm 
1 Pack 15 boards = 6.99 m2 
1 Pallet 62 Packs

Foam-based. Fast to lay on large surfaces, 
ideal for quieter areas. 

25,000 x 1,000 x 2 mm (Roll) 
1 Pack 4 rolls = 
100 m2 
1 Pallet 40 rolls

Foam-based, laminated with PE foil. 
Eliminates the need for an additional vapour membrane. 

25,000 x 1,000 x 2 mm (Roll) 
1 Pack 4 rolls = 
100 m2 
1 Pallet 40 rolls

SWISS KRONO Premium Sound 
Foam-based, laminated with PE foil. For floating 
installation under laminate and parquet flooring. 

8,500 x 1,000 x 
1.8 mm (Roll) 
1 Pack 1 roll = 
8.5 m2 
1 Pallet 40 rolls

SWISS KRONO Superior Sound 
PU-based with PE foil lamination. This thicker version of 
Premium Sound insulates especially effectively. 

5,500 x 1,000 x 
2.8 mm (Roll) 
1 Pack 1 roll = 
5.5 m2 
1 Pallet 40 rolls